Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is for EVERYONE

Why Stand Up Paddleboarding is for EVERYONE
Stand up paddleboard, SUP - ever heard of it? I know you have and I’m sure you've been dying to give it a try, but you give yourself the “I can’t balance on a board-scared of the water-too hard excuse” and that my friends, is not allowed anymore. 
Originally, paddleboarding was enjoyed in oceans where surfers used SUPs as a new way to catch a wave, but you can literally paddleboard on any body of water - the clam lagoon, a nice lake, a cold river and even a local canal. The benefits of this water sport are unmatched. Here are a few reasons why ANYONE can hop on an SUP: 
The perfect full body workout
Want a full body workout without necessarily feeling like you’re working out? Stand up paddleboarding is perfect for this because it works every single muscle in your body. You are using your arms, shoulders, stomach, legs...the list goes on! Not to mention all the calories you burn, too. The new trend for paddleboarding is practicing yoga on your board. For people who have superb balance, yoga on an SUP is calling your name...take your yoga practice to the next level! This sport will help the body become stronger and you will definitely feel an increase in endurance.  
Improve your balance
Standing on an SUP requires you to maintain strength in your core so you can balance properly on the board to avoid falling off. As you stand in the up-right position on the board, this helps your core and legs become stronger. Stand up paddleboarding also enhances your focus because, well, you’re focusing on not trying to fall in the water! This can help improve your everyday activities, too.  
Quick and easy to learn 
The techniques are simple so you’ll be a pro in no time! All you have to do is stand on a board and paddle...wayyyy less intimidating than surfing or kayaking. Plus, if you fall you can quickly jump on the board and hop back on your feet. I’d say it’s definitely one of the easiest water sports to learn. 
Benefits both body and mind 
Ahhh, the water. Studies show that being out on the water has a purifying effect on your body. It’s very peaceful, the salty breeze is good for your lungs, the salt water is great for your skin, paddleboarding in the sun allows you to soak in all the vitamin D and you have the opportunity to reconnect with nature and most importantly, reconnect with yourself.  
A stress release 
Nothing is truly as relaxing as the calming essence of being out on the water. Not only does paddleboarding have physical benefits but the psychological benefits are even more important in my opinion. Need to get away from everyone? Go for a solo cruise. Want some fresh air? Your SUP is calling your name. You and your significant other need some stress-free time together? A paddleboard date seems to be the perfect fix. 
The perfect activity for ALL
Okay, people LOVE this sport! It is the best activity for all ages and fitness levels. Young or old, 2 legs or 4 (dogs LOVE cruising on an SUP just as much as their humans), standup paddleboarding has so many benefits it’s impossible to find the negatives! This water sport is great for the whole family and is the perfect social activity for everyone. If you haven’t tried stand up paddleboarding yet you are truly missing out. As soon as you slide your board across the water, you’ll understand what we mean. 
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Thanks for reading! We’ll meet you in the water.